An Individually Tailored Approach to Physical Medicine and Athletic Training

We opened our doors to help athletes and individuals meet their wellness, conditioning, and rehabilitation goals. We possess the professional certifications, knowledge, and experience to get bodies functioning at maximum potential and to overcome any physical challenges that may be encountered.
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Physical Therapy
We provide rehabilitative and preventative care for physical health. Our customized approach helps individuals overcome challenges and meet their unique goals.
Postural Restoration
As leaders in this specialized field, we offer innovative approaches to postural restoration. We are certified by the Postural Restoration Institute® and provide expert council in identifying and repairing the imbalances that are the cause of flawed mobility patterns.
Postural Restoration Consulting
Our consulting programs are designed for therapeutic professionals interested in quickly learning and applying new skills. We will travel to your location and provide tailored training for your staff.
BACKtoGOLF Program
A sports medicine and rehabilitation program for the golfer.
Gym Memberships and Classes
Multiple options for gym memberships are offered as well as small group training classes.
Stay and Train or Recover
We have affordable packages that allow for an intensive rehabilitative or training experience
Individual Performance Training
We work with all ages and abilities to bring athletes to the next level of sports performance, while also reducing risk of injury. Our individually customized programs lead to improved speed, strength, agility and power.
Customized Cardiovasclar Training
Eliminate guesswork when it comes to cardiovascular training. Athletes looking to gain a competitive edge, professionals looking to excel at their job or patients with heart disease all rave about this cutting edge system.
We work to pinpoint movement dysfunctions that can lead to injury or poor performance, and correct them through integrative strength and conditioning regimens designed to improve core strength and stability.
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Case Studies

Diaphragm Spasm
Diaphragm Spasm
Postural Restoration
European Tour
European Tour
CrossFit Consulting
CrossFit Consulting
Postural Restoration
Soccer Case Study
Soccer Case Study
Sports Performance

Our Certifications

Postural Restoration Institute
National Athletic Trainers' Association
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Titleist Performance Institute