Working with MLB Pitcher Burke Badenhop

Working with MLB Pitcher Burke Badenhop

Pitcher Burke Badenhop sought out  Sandhills Sports Performance to properly train in the off-season.  Years of wear and tear pitching in the major leagues had created movement pathologies that he wanted to address.

Chris and Jen Poulin worked through the 2013 off-season with Badenhop to correct his physical asymmetries, which ultimately corrected his posture and helped him feel better.

“Properly feeling certain muscles is an important step in executing good pitching mechanics. For a right handed pitcher this means feeling the arch of the right foot contacting the rubber and being able to push off with the right sequence can mean a big difference to any pitcher,” says Poulin.

“I felt that I needed a different approach to my off season training, one that emphasized restoring a better body position to allow me to throw the baseball

more efficiently,” Badenhop says.  “Chris and Jen are a great Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist team and I would recommend any professional or amateur athlete looking for improved performance and longevity in their sport to check them out.”