CrossFit Consulting

Project Description

CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program that has quickly become the program of choice for men and women all over the world.  Unfortunately the injuries that are caused by individuals participating in crossFit have a large number of people filling physical therapy and orthopedic surgeons offices.  I was approached by CrossFit Mettle of San Antonio because they care about their base of crossfitters and wanted guidance on how to properly reposition, restore and retrain their team using the concepts taught through postural restoration.

CrossFit Mettle has expanded their box and developed an Athlete Lab as part of their program.  Here Individuals joining the gym will spend a week or more learning proper movement patterns, muscle inhibition and muscle activation techniques to help them stay injury free.  My first visit to San Antonio consisted of two days teaching proper techniques to a group of talented and motivated CrossFit coaches.  We discussed the importance of achieving proper pelvic, femoral, lumbar and rib cage position to maximize pelvic floor stability in different exercises.  We designed a road map for the coaches to follow in the lab to help them reposition their clients prior to them hitting the floor.

My next trip will be to discuss the importance of adding frontal and transverse plane movements and utilizing alternating and reciprocating movement patterns as as part of the WOD.  Focus will be on teaching how acetabular femoral Internal Rotation and transverse abdominal/internal oblique facilitation can improve their ability to compensate less and perform better in the Met Cons.  Looking forward to another successful trip to CrossFit Mettle.

Project Details

September 29th, 2013
Postural Restoration