Soccer Case Study

Project Description

In 2011 I was fortunate to work with the Saint Michaels College men’s soccer team to design and implement an off-season program that would decrease the number of injuries that they had experienced in the past and to help make them faster, stronger and better balanced.  In my thought process the challenges were that the majority of players were right side dominate which means they preferred to strike the ball using their right leg.  On top of being designed asymmetrically (only have one heart, one liver and a diaphragm that is bigger on the right side of their bodies) they were all neuro-reflexively patterned to be stronger on the right side of their bodies.  I decided to take a chance to strengthen their left side more than their right with a corrective exercise approach using  postural restoration testing and muscle facilitation concepts.  The results are below.

January testing:

22 men’s collegiate soccer players

Left Add drop (17 pos)
Left Extension drop ( 7 positive = 10 patho left hips)
20 yd dash
Pro agility
300 yd shuttle
1.5 mi run
8 week strength and conditioning program consisted of the following biomechanical warm-
sidelying right glute maxStanding right glute max90-90 hip liftAdductor pullback
These exercises were performed prior to every team workout followed by a strength program similar to the one below.  The emphasis was always on utilizing the left leg predominately and in the frontal plane with a transverse plane upper body program.
*SL RDL (w/left AFIR)
*Frontal plane lunge patterns
*Side step ups with curl or press (left leg only)
*Step down activities (left leg only)
*Cable chop/lift (tall kneeling)
*Push-pull (with respiration)
*Single arm inverted pull-up (right only)
*Single arm KB swings (left arm only)
January March
Adduction   drop 18   positive 2   positive
Extension   drop 4   pos 1   positive
20   yd   dash 2.72 2.51
T-test 9.39 9.1
Pro   agility 4.4 4.1
300   yd shuttle 58 55
1.5   mi run 11:08 9:23

The results were impressive in that every category that was tested improved.  Of the most surprising was the speed in which the mile and a half dropped over a minute and a half.  The resting position of the pelvis improved in every athlete but two.


Project Details

Saint Michaels College
September 3rd, 2013
Sports Performance