Chris Poulin
Chris Poulin
Chris is a nationally certified performance enhancement specialist with 20 years experience helping athletes take their sports performance to the next level.



For more than 20 years Chris Poulin has been shaping and maintaining the futures of a variety of athletes. In 1996, Chris graduated from Johnson State College with a degree in Sports Medicine and Adult/Corporate fitness. Since his graduation, Chris has earned national certifications in a number of practices including Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, Postural Restoration, and Golf Fitness & Performance.

Throughout his career as a practicing certified athletic trainer, Chris has integrated the principles of postural restoration in all training and treatment programs he designs. This approach has allowed him to gain a better understanding of the human body and its functions. Chris strives to translate this understanding to all of the individuals he works with so they not only improve, but gain a better understanding of their own body and its unique functions. His certification in postural restoration from the Postural Restoration Institute has provided Chris the tools to help recognize and treat the underlying causes of decreased performance and not simply chase symptoms of injuries or dysfunction.

Professional Portfolio

Chris began his career as an athletic trainer with Champlain College which encompassed staff athletic training, in game treatment for athletic events, and the treatment of orthopedic injuries at the colleges health services center. After marrying his wife and business partner Jennifer Poulin, Chris and his wife opened their first practice focusing on postural restoration, physical therapy, and functional athletic training.

In 1997 Chris took to the tee, combining his love for golf with his passion for postural athletic development. He became a BACKtoGOLF certified, helping golfers play better golf and quickly recovering from golf related injuries. Over the last several years Chris has earned the level two golf fitness instructor from the Titleist Performance Institute. Chris currently blends his love for golf biomechanics and fitness by using K-Vest technology to improve movement patterns. mobility and speed in the golfing athletes he trains.

From 1999 to 2005 Chris worked with the University of Vermont’s men’s basketball program. Serving as the strength and conditioning specialist and certified athletic trainer Chris helped lead the team to three consecutive NCAA Tournaments, exhibiting his ability to improve and maintain the athletes health and performance at such a high level

Chris maintains a number of professional interest that include but are not limited to golf performance training, speed and agility coaching, functional training, and athletic reconditioning. During his time in the field Chris has worked with some other well known organizations that include St. Michael’s College men’s soccer and basketball teams, Far Post Soccer, Nordic Soccer, Cannons Baseball, Crossfit Mettle, Florida Institute of Performance, Maxxfit (MMA athletes) and many more.


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