Who Is It For?

Athletes looking to gain a competitive edge by taking the guesswork out of their cardiovascular program.  Professionals in the fields of tactical combat or military training, firefighters or law enforcement, crossfit enthusiasts, and people into health and fitness.    Individuals looking to manage their weight by maximizing their cardiovascular training.  Patients looking to recover from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, and low levels of energy

How Does It Work?

VO2 submaximal or maximal testing is performed while walking or running on a treadmill while your ventilations and heart rate are monitored.  The test is graded in nature and can but does not have to get you into your near heart rate max.  The test takes approximately 8-12 minutes to complete and the data is then reviewed with you.  .   

What Are the Benefits?

We evaluate your heart rate and ventilation patterns and determine the exact point where your body goes from burning fats to sugars.  From this information a customized periodization program is designed with your needs and goals in mind.  The periodization software allows us to give you your cardiovascular exercise routine customized for your sport in an easy to follow card form.  The IMett system that we use has been used by some of the most elite military training and performance centers in the world including Athletes Performance.

How much does it cost?

Initial assessment is $150.  This includes a physical assessment, cardiovascular testing and 12 week periodization program.


You can come to us or we can come to you.  Call or email us to set up your Vo2 test today.  Contact Chris at Chris@sandhillssp.com

Chris Poulin
Chris Poulin
Chris has helped numerous athletes by making their strides more efficient and their cardiovascular systems function at their optimal levels.
Jennifer Poulin
Jennifer Poulin
Jennifer is a faculty member with the Postural Restoration Institute and is currently accepting new patients.


“We had our entire team tested and trained with the Imett system by Chris and it made an incredible difference in our stamina and endurance late into games”

James Franklin, Saint Michaels College Soccer Coach (2008-2012)

Our Certifications

Postural Restoration Institute
National Athletic Trainers' Association
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Titleist Performance Institute