Hayley Kava
Hayley Kava



Hayley Kava has been a Physical Therapist since 2013 when she graduated from the University of Western Ontario (Canada). In 2015 Hayley moved to North Carolina and shortly after began working with Sandhills Sports Performance.


Her clinical experience prior joining SSP was orthopaedics, sports medicine, varsity athletics, and working with military athletes. Since joining SSP and progressing and learning the science of postural restoration, Hayley has grown to love treating all types of patients including complex pain conditions, neurological conditions, pelvic floor dysfunction in clients of all ages and functional levels.  She has expanded her knowledge base to include a foundation of postural restoration also with continued education in soft tissue release, spinal manipulation, dry needling certification, as well as now pelvic floor physical therapy.


Hayley’s practice has continuously evolved with her own life experiences. Understanding pain and dysfunction in her own body has made her all the more passionate about helping others continue to do all the activities they love.

From playing volleyball at Syracuse University to the transition to managing the demands of exercise in pregnancy and motherhood Hayley has learned so much.


It really was in this transition through pregnancy and the post-partum period that opened her eyes up to the complex needs of women and the need to open up the conversation for women to know that many of the “common” issues we all face like are not “normal” and we do not have to live with sub-optimal function or miss out on any life experiences due to dysfunction.


Hayley is excited to be able to begin to work with women who are experiencing urinary, bowel, and or sexual dysfunction as well as pelvic pain. Whether you have never had a child, are thinking about children, pregnant, immediately post-partum or your babies are grown up pelvic floor physical therapy may be for you.


In her free time Hayley loves spending time with her husband Bobby, her son Kamea and their hound-dog Betty. She also loves to find time to hike, workout, run and coach/play volleyball in the community.