Our Four Pillars of Performance

Our Four Pillars are the foundations by which we design programs, view the human body, and how we best select exercises to help our clients reach their goals. With our strong background in knowledge regarding biomechanics, autonomics, and the asymmetrical nature of the human body, we distinguish ourselves with a unique and revolutionary approach to fitness. How many other gyms do you know that are considering these elements in their exercise programs?

Our Exercise Methodology

With the Four Pillars forming the structure of our programs, the Exercise Methodology is the nuts and bolts of how we specifically form our programs:

1.) We start out with a new approach to the traditional idea of a warm-up. We do this by addressing your nervous system and asymmetrical body. We must prime your system to prepare it properly for the session upcoming. We select specific drills that will facilitate proper positions, muscles, and breathing patterns that will best prepare you for success in the upcoming exercises.

2.) Next, we move on to weight training. Depending on your individual needs, the exercises selected will be purposely chosen to prioritize injury prevention, strength, muscle mass, and restoring neutrality throughout your body. If you are an athlete or want to retain more speed and power that is lost with age, we can also safely and effectively add those elements into your program.

3.) Energy systems are your aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular systems. These help develop your ability to tolerate more training volume (leading to more gains over time), improved heart health (longevity), and more energy throughout the day. We take a comprehensive approach to fitness at Sandhills Sports Performance, and we would be doing you a disservice not to include this in each program. However, this doesn’t mean we will simply put you on a treadmill or bike and tell you to just work for 15 minutes. We design fun, engaging, and even group-oriented competitive workouts that are designed to make this type of training as enjoyable as possible!

4.) We end each session with a few recovery exercises. Exercise is naturally a “fight or flight” (sympathetic), or threatening autonomic environment. This is normal and okay, but if you leave a workout feeling like this and your brain prevents you from relaxing afterward, you won’t recover. It is our goal to restore your nervous system and body to a more “rest and digest” (parasympathetic) state to maximize your recovery.