Who Is It For?

Postural Restoration is for anyone who experiences discomfort from the natural asymmetrical nature of our body. Often our asymmetry causes limited functional patterns which can lead to over development of certain muscles, inability to touch toes, flat feet, inability to squat, facial asymmetries, etc. We are on the cutting edge of exploration into the science of postural restoration and want to help others — both individuals and athletes — seek treatment for imbalances.

How Does It Work?

Because we are Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) trained therapists, we are trained in recognizing imbalances that can occur in the body. These may be patterns associated with system disuse or weaknesses that develop because of dominant overuse. Patients are more effectively treated by directly addressing underlying postural patterns while teaching them how to prevent further injuries. Our PRI certified therapists identify the commom, integrated patterns of human stance and correct them through exercise.

What Are the Benefits?

The primary benefit is that posture will be restored. We teach how to correct dysfunctions and control daily habits to stabilize the body for pain free function. A progression of exercises works to rebuild muscles, restore balance, and prevent injury. Awareness of body mechanics will be improved and an individualized home exercise program allows patients to live with less pain. You will be given exercises in electronic format for you to conveniently follow at your convenience.

Chris Poulin
Chris Poulin
Chris, for the past 13 years, has integrated the principals of postural restoration into his training and treatment programs.
Jennifer Poulin
Jennifer Poulin
Jennifer is certified in postural restoration with 16 years experience continues to share the science of PRI through the teaching of two courses.


Our Certifications

Postural Restoration Institute
National Athletic Trainers' Association
National Strength and Conditioning Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Titleist Performance Institute