Ways we improve individual and team performance.

Here at Sandhills Sports Performance we appreciate the individual needs of each of our clients and provide the unique services to accommodate them.

Physical Therapy

We provide rehabilitative and preventative care for physical health. To do this we address normal musculoskeletal imbalances while healing the whole body, because what is causing one body part discomfort often affects the whole. Our goal is to efficiently reach each patient’s full potential by focusing on stretching, strengthening, posture, body mechanics, balance and endurance and to limit financial burden.

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Postural Restoration

As leaders in this specialized field, Sandhills Sports Performance, offers innovative approaches to postural restoration. We are certified by the Postural Restoration Institute® and provide expert council in identifying and repairing the imbalances that are the cause of flawed mobility patterns. By going after problematic postural patterns, we can break many years of bad habits and create good ones moving forward.

It is our appreciation that the human body is not created symmetrically and therefore should be treated as such.

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Strength Training

Our programs are rooted in the philosophy that every body and its movements are unique. Our objective is to correct movement dysfunctions that could lead to injury or poor performance followed by integrative strength and conditioning work. Our customized programs lead to growth in:

  • Core Stability
  • Corrective Exercise
  • Plyometrics
  • Mobility

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Sports Performance

We work with all ages and abilities to bring athletes to the next level of sports performance, while also reducing risk of injury. Our individually customized programs lead to improved speed, strength, agility and power.

We’ve helped everyone from NCAA championship teams to aspiring young athletes looking to prepare for their sport. Each athlete is brought through a thorough evaluation to identify movement dysfunctions.  From this evaluation a plan is established to correct faulty movements while improving athletic performance.

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Team Counseling

Fine-tune  teams skills at Sandhills Sports Performance. Specialized team programs identify and enhance team’s strengths and opportunities, while eliminating weaknesses.

We are proud to have assisted in the training and success of:

  • Cannons American Legion Baseball
  • University of Vermont Men’s Basketball
  • St. Michael’s College Men’s Soccer
  • St. Michael’s College Men’s Basketball
  • Nordic Soccer Club
  • Far Post Soccer Club

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Professional Athletes

Our professional programs work with both professional and elite athletes. They cater to the specific needs athletes at this level demand. We believe in focusing on the whole body through performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy to ensure a long and healthy career.

This program is designed to support top champions reach maximum performance levels and achieve their professional goals.

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