Sandhills Sports Performance offers a truly unique experience with Personal Training. We have experienced trainers that utilizes Postural Restoration Institute methodology and principles to simultaneously realign your posture while working towards any goal you have. We take a very individualized, purposeful, and analytical approach to personal training to give you a full idea of where you are at when you start. We will continue to build upon the baseline we establish to maximize progress towards your goals.

How Does Personal Training Work?

Day 1: FREE initial consultation:

  • Your goals, aspirations, history with exercise
  • Explanation of our approach with Postural Restoration Institute
  • Discussion of expectations, habit development

Day 2: Body Composition, Postural Assessment, and Nutrition overview

  • Body composition via Styku Technology
  • Postural Assessment via Postural Restoration Institute methodology. Here we will determine how your body is aligned to put together the pieces of your exercise/activity history and what sensitive areas need to be addressed. Exercises will be given to immediately help address the root causes of dysfunction.
  • Based on the Styku assessment and a comprehensive review of your current/past diet history, we will put together a nutrition plan for you that will be based on your goals in our program.

Day 3: Movement Quality Assessment, Aerobic Fitness Baseline Assessment, and Strength/Power Assessment

  • Movement quality assessment given via Functional Movement Screen (FMS) protocol that will provide an objective score of your ability to move through basic movement patterns such as a squat, lunge, and rotary stability.
  • Aerobic fitness assessment via a Step Test or Vo2 Test. This will provide us a baseline to reference back on as you progress.
  • The strength and power assessments will give you us an indication of a baseline from which we can build from. This will give the trainer the information needed for optimal exercise selection for your program.

After the tests have been concluded and the program has been established, the personal trainer will provide the client with a booklet that contains a comprehensive overview of exactly what the tests mean, how it impacts their programming, and a reference point to look back at as we progress. We will take a Styku measurement every 6 weeks to ensure consistent measurements of progress.

Personal Training Prices:

Personal Training Packages Cost Per Session
Totally Committed – 12 Month Commitment $40
The Committed – 6 Month Commitment $50
The Transformation – 3 Month Commitment $60