We offer a very unique small group exercise experience at Sandhills Sports Performance. We understand that every individual is unique with their own goals, exercise/injury histories, and level of fitness. Taking those qualities into consideration, when you first sign up to participate in our group classes, we offer the option to assess your body as an individual in order to offer you the best possible experience. At the end of the assessments, we will design a personalized program just for you to work in our small group training sessions along with other welcoming participants. Every participant has their own program to follow that is best suited for them, but every class will have a theme (e.g. upper body pushing exercises with lower body pulling exercises) so that there is a flow maintained and a genuine feeling of group commodore can be achieved in the training environment.


The assessments include:

  • Styku Technology body composition testing- To get a baseline of where you are starting so we can show you tangible progress later in your program.
  • Postural Restoration Institute postural assessments- To asses the alignment of your body so we can best work to resolve or prevent any dysfunction/pain in your body.
  • A movement profile assessment- To objectively assess your movement capabilities so that we can design the best possible individual program for you.

We will re-asses every 4-6 weeks so that you see tangible, objective results. We believe that helping our clients see progress for their own eyes is an essential factor in creating the best motivating atmosphere possible!

12 Month Unlimited Group Classes Membership + Assessments + Individualized Program


3 Month Unlimited Group Classes Membership + Assessments + Individualized Program

$200/ month

25 classes


HIIT FIT – Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9-10 am

High Intensity Interval Training designed to burn calories and fat at a high rate, all while improving cardiovascular capacity and muscle tone. Med balls, TRX, free weights, and bands – this group has it all! This is high intensity, but will be suitable for all levels of fitness.


GOLF FIT DEVELOPMENT – Tuesday/Thursday at 9-10 am

This class puts equal emphasis on golf and fitness. This group seeks to improve your game, but also includes various other aspects of fitness incorporated into your workout. Strength, balance, and cardiovascular components to fitness will all be present. No prior fitness experience needed.



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