We have received the question on several occasions: “Why do you charge that much for fitness classes and personal training? Isn’t $200 a month a lot?”

Our services are not cheap.​

“Cheap” has a negative connotation to it that gives an impression of poor quality and short-term.

That is quite the opposite of how we operate at Sandhills Sports Performance.

We are so much different than what everyone else is offering.

Nobody else is talking about how the body is asymmetrical, why your shoulder can be hurting because your pelvis is out of position, or how to exercise with exactly the correct technique that goes against the grain of how everyone else is teaching exercise.

You can sign up for a big-box gym membership or group exercise classes.

Those instructors are busy worrying about managing 20+ people through a workout. They simply don’t have the time to thoroughly assess and correct movement.

No wonder so many of our physical therapy patients are doing that exact same thing!

Small group sizes, intentful exercises, long-term health, continual improvement, all with an approach that no one else in the area is implementing.

We offer long-term solutions as opposed to band-aids for short-term satisfaction.​​

Think of it this way: What’s your car payment? $300+ a month?

Why would you invest more into your car than you do your own body?

It’s hard to enjoy a nice car when your back hurts every time you drive for more than 10 minutes.

My goal for every participant in my programs is the following: Exercise in an environment you enjoy with people who motivate you while leaving feeling better than you did when you walked in.